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Outdoor Sculpture at the Westport Winery

The Sculpture titled 'Grays Harbor Discovery' honors Westport Winery's Captain Grays Gewurztraminer wine. The sculpture is made of several different pieces in the form of a story pole because I wanted to showcase all the wonderful things we have in our coastal community of Grays Harbor. The top piece, the ‘Lady Kim’ (in honor of winery owner Kim Roberts), is my version of a tall ship - like the one Captain Gray sailed in ‘discovering’ our harbor in 1792. Of course, there were Native American peoples already living here in 1792, and on one of my pieces, I have an eye in the Northwest coastal Indian style to honor them as well. There are motifs on my art pieces, denoting the various performing and visual arts as well as local activities, including fishing, crabbing and clamming. Of course, there is a lighthouse piece, and the bottom of the sculpture is a compass rose.

ceramic sculpture at westport winery

The sculpture even has it's own rainforest! See the holes at the top? Let's the rain in to nourish the trees inside. This section honors The Olympic National Park Rainforest, which is only a few short miles from here. If you've never been to the Olympic Rainforest you NEED to put it on your bucket list and come see it!

close up of ceramic rain forest

A close-up of the sculpture during the 'dry fitting' stage on my patio with hubby Larry and his faithful dog, Bonzi...

larry and bonzi with ceramic sculpture