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1928 Fireplace

This home had an old brick surround fireplace. The sides were uneven widths - off 3/4" - very noticeable! The mortar between the bricks was so old it was like baby powder in places!

ceramic tile before

So, the old firebrick was replaced, and the outside surround was clad in cement board for stability....

ceramic tile in process

Installed the new ceramic tile on the surround and on the hearth....

handmade ceramic tile fireplace

And even painted the mantle molding to match the new fireplace colors....What a difference !!!

handmade ceramic tile fireplace

Close-up detail of left side motif.....

handmade ceramic tile detail 1

A detail shot, before installation, of the matching Art Nouveau flowers. You can see how the custom glaze pooled into almost crystalline beauty....

handmade ceramic tile detail 2